SAOZ-Pk2 sounder with visual alarm device



The SAOZ-Pk2 sounder with visual alarm device is designed to emit fire alarm warning, alternately with an acoustic signal and an optical (visual) signal, both in outdoor and indoor (internal and external) fire alarm systems. The device meets the requirements of the standards: EN 54-23:2010 and EN 54-3:2001+A1:2002+A2:2006.


The alarm device has a nonflammable plastic casing that contains electronic components. In the casing shade, there is flash-lamp with the construction based on power LEDs. The body of the signalling device contains a power supply connector and a 6-position microswitch with which it is possible to: select the operating mode of the alarm device, i.e. „master” or „slave”, sound pattern (1 of 4), reduce the volume of the alarm device approx 6 dB (step change), reduce coverage area and the “lamp off delay” function.


SAOZ-Pk2 allows the user to create a network of signalling devices working synchronously (synchronisation of the acoustic and optical part with the use of an additional line).

To synchronise the acoustic and optical signal of SAOZ-Pk2 alarm devices, an additional signal line must be prepared and connected to terminal „S” of each device in the network. One of the devices should be set with the M/S switch to the „MASTER” mode and all others as „SLAVE”. To enable a correct synchronisation, make sure the „-” of the power supply (GND) of all signalling devices in the network are connected with each other.

The alarm device is fitted to work with the WSD-1 switch and SA-K5N, SA-K7N alarm devices.

Working with WSD-1:

The SAOZ-Pk2 alarm device is also compatible with the WSD-1 switch. If the alarm devices are operating in a network, connecting the WSD-1 switch to the master alarm device disables the acoustic signal of all the alarm devices in the network, while connecting the WSD-1 switch to the slave alarm device disables the acoustic signal in only that particular alarm device.

Delay in switching off the optical signal:

The SAOZ-Pk2 alarm device has a delay function for switching off the optical signal. It can be used when the WSD-1 switch is connected to the device and the LD microswitch is set to ON. In this configuration, pressing the WSD-1 switch immediately turns off the acoustic signal and switches off the flashing lamp with a delay of approx. 120 seconds. After this time, both the acoustic and optical signals are inactive.

Flashing lamp:

The SAOZ-Pk2 alarm device has a completely new LED optical module. This significantly reduces the power consumption in the alarm state. The use of LEDs also enabled extending the flash time to ~0.19 s.

Lamp versions:

As a standard, the alarm device is provided with a lamp that generates red light. SAOZ-Pk2 is also available with a white light or alternating red and white light lamps.

Reduced coverage area mode:

SAOZ-Pk2 has a possibility to switch on the reduced coverage area (LP microswitch – ON). Activating the mode reduces the solid of light distribution generated by the optical module. In the reduced coverage area mode and reduced volume mode, the alarm device draws <50 mA (at rated power 24 V DC).

Type sounder with visual alarm device
Supply voltage 20 – 32,5 V DC
Current consuption in off state 0 mA
Current consumption in on state <0,1 A
Power consuption at 24 V DC <2,4 W
Sound output at 1 m full output > 110 dB
reduced output > 104 dB
Device type Typ B
Working temperature range -25˚C + 70˚C
Ingress Protection IP33C
Wire type of signal line/supply line According to standards, guaranteed cross-section according to
EN 54-23 (from 0,28 mm² to 1,5 mm²).
Max. cross section 1,5 mm²
Light colour According to Certificate of admittance : red
According to EN 54-23: white or red
Frequency of flashing 33 flashes per minute
Flash time (tb) ~0,19 s
Device catergory Category O
Weight ~960 g
Dimensions 312x295x95 mm
Cooperating cable junction box PIP-3AN

Connection diagram:

SAOZ-Pk2 connection scheme

Microswitch description:

No Name Function
1 M/S Master mode (ON) / slave mode (OFF)
2 S0 Sound pattern selection
3 S1 Sound pattern selection
4 VOL Full volume / reduced volume mode (OFF – full volume)
5 LP Reduced coverage area (OFF – full coverage area)
6 LD Lamp off delay (ON)


No Microswitch position Sound pattern
S0 S1
1 OFF OFF  DIN 33 404
2 ON OFF ISO 8201
3 OFF ON Police signal
4 ON ON Fire service signal

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